What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A VPN is a privacy protection and security service that uses encryption to prevent third parties from being able to intercept any data while it is in transit over the internet. This means that anything you do online is kept ’secret’ from prying eyes, making it safer to use services like public wifi.

How does Wangle differ from other VPN’s?

Wangle is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a network optimiser combined that provides you with unparalleled acceleration and improves your total experience while accessing the internet from your portable devices. Wangle also reduces your data usage while enhancing security and privacy. Ultimately this means you can enjoy the security and privacy benefits of a VPN without the impact on user experience typically associated with these services.

How does Wangle accelerate my mobile internet?

Wangle uses patent pending technologies to boost your network performance behind the scenes. We use proprietary software combined with powerful proprietary cloud network infrastructure to maximise data throughout. Central to the ‘magic’ is a powerful compression layer that reduces the amount of data that has to travel over the connection.

What are the benefits of using Wangle?

Wangle provides you with:

  • unparalleled speed

  • maximises your devices data allowance, saving you time and money &

  • protects your privacy and security by encrypting data transfer to prevent malicious man-in-the middle attacks

How fast will Wangle make my internet?

Internet speeds are affected by a number of factors, so it is difficult to say specifically how fast the service will make your connection. Wangle will not ‘magically’ create more bandwidth for instance, but what it will do is make sure you are getting the most out of what you do have. It is also important to understand that this is an optimisation so it will depend on the plain speed of your connection (i.e. without Wangle), and the route that your ISP provides to our services.  

How will Wangle VPN effect streaming services on my mobile device such as Netflix?

Wangle VPN enhances the streaming of services such as Netflix while on your phone by increasing your speed and minimising buffering.

How much data will I save?

Data savings are affected by a number of factors so it is difficult for us to say specifically how much data you will save while using the service. The main factors that impact the amount of data saved are the type of content being viewed, the quality of your network connection and if the content is already encrypted. So, for instance data that has already been highly compressed and is delivered over a https:// connection will not be reduced to the same extent that typical insecure content would be.


Does Wangle still work when connected to wifi?

Yes, Wangle continues to provide protection and optimisation when using wifi. However, the applications for iPhone and Android are specifically optimised for 3G and 4G networks so the performance increases may be less noticeable. Data savings, and security will work on any network connection.


What are all the settings in the app for?

Wangle VPN provides access to a range of settings to adjust the performance of the application and the VPN platform. These settings allow you to customise the technology to your specific network conditions and security preferences.

Auto Reconnect: When enabled, Wangle VPN will maintain its connection to the platform automatically once connected. If this option is disabled then the application will not attempt to reconnect when you move between wifi and cellular networks or when your internet connection is lost. We recommend keeping this enabled.

Enable Web Proxies: When enabled, Wangle VPN will activate a proxy and cache service. This feature will improve web browsing speeds, particularly over secure connections (SSL). This feature is currently only available on iOS. We recommend keeping this enabled unless it is interfering with a website or service that you use regularly.

Prioritise Data Savings: When enabled, Wangle VPN will increase the priority of its data saving optimisations however, in most cases this will decrease the speed of your connection. For optimal speed, particularly when streaming video and other content we recommend disabling this feature.

MTU: The Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) is a network level setting that controls the size of the data chunks Wangle sends. Increasing the size means more data can be passed in fewer chunks however, some networks (particularly mobile networks) cannot reliably handle larger chunks of data so reducing this size can improve the reliability of the connection. On iOS we recommend setting this to 1350, and on Android we recommend a value of 1350. If you are experiencing connectivity issues try reducing these values. If you are on a strong connection or primarily using wifi you can try increasing the values. Remember to disconnect and reconnect after changing this value. You can read more about MTU values on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_transmission_unit

Server Location: This setting allows you to select the VPN server location that you will be connecting to when using Wangle. Typically the best server location to select is the one closest to your current location, however when travelling you may prefer to continue connecting to your local server to ensure you can access all your local content. We recommend selecting your nearest server location. You may need to disconnect and reconnect for any changes to the server location to take effect.

Connection Port: When you connect to Wangle the port represents the specific channel that your data will pass through over the network. Servers are able to ‘listen’ on different ports for connections from other devices. Occasionally ISPs will block or in other ways ‘shape’ the quality of service based on the port that data is delivered on. Because each ISP and network is different there is no guarantee that a particular port will not be affected by shaping or other de-prioritisation so Wangle provides a range of ports that can be used to connect. If you are having trouble connecting to Wangle, or your performance is not satisfactory you can try changing ports. Remember to disconnect and reconnect after changing the port.

Can I access Australian content from other countries?

While you're connected to our servers, you are routing your traffic through that server. This will allow you to access Australian content while overseas.